Bodybuilding Diet
How to structure a simple, yet effective bodybuilding diet plan.

The importance of a proper bodybuilding diet to accomplish your muscle building goals cannot be emphasized enough. Many experts argue that diet can account for 50 to 80% of an athlete's success at building muscle at a steady pace. However we believe that diet is of 100% importance when it comes to either building muscle or trying to burn off excess body fat.

Without a properly structured bodybuilding diet plan, the body will not be able to build and recover at an optimal rate. Furthermore, a bodybuilding nutrition is one of the healthiest and best anyone can follow, All the food groups are included and you give your body the highest quality nutrients available. The better the quality of your diet, the better your results will be. It's very simple.

If you are looking to learn how to structure your diet for building muscle and adding mass then follow the following proven bodybuilding principles of success. This is a tried and tested example bodybuilding diet plan that pretty much anyone can use (with proper clearance from a physician and/or sports nutritionist). It provides 6 evenly spaced meals for one day, starting at 7 am and ending at 10pm.

The times can be adjusted according to the individual schedules, around work or school, training times and social engagements. The most important aspects of this diet plan is to have as much variety and as much quality foods. Avoid any sugars, high sodium microwave foods, cakes, pies, fried foods and soft drinks. Fresh fruit and freshly squeezed fruit juices are ok to consume, as long as you are within your daily caloric requirements.

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As mentioned above, this is a sample bodybuilding diet plan that will work very well for anyone who is looking to add lean muscle and improve their overall health and performance in the gym. Depending on your weight and body fat percentage, you may need to increase of decrease the amounts of foods consumed. Also, depending on your activity levels you may have to add more carbohydrates to certain meals in order to have more energy for training sessions.

Always remember to pre-plan your bodybuilding diet, especially if you know you will be tied up at work or at school and won't have access to good nutritious foods. A great tip is to pack meals 2 and 4 beforehand and take them with you in a small cooler. You can also use a shaker cup to carry some protein powder with you and also zip lock bags for fruit, oatmeal and other needed items.

Before you start your new nutrition plan, make sure you weigh yourself and take an accurate measurement of your body fat percentage. As the weeks go by and you re-measure everything, the numbers will help you determine if you are gaining muscle or gaining muscle and body fat at the same time. Weekly progress of bi-weekly progress should be taken and noted down for future reference. This is the only way to know precisely where you are headed with your diet plan and whether it is working the way you want it to.

Bodybuilding diet meal Keep a journal of your bodybuilding diet & workout plans every day. This is one of the most valuable tools you can use in your muscle gaining endeavors. Note all your meals in as much detail as you can, writing down what you ate, how much you ate and at what time.

You can also note how it made you feel. If a food doesn't agree with your stomach, note it down for future reference so you can avoid it.

Also write down all your workouts, exercises, weight used and what rep range you trained with on that particular day. Last but not least mention all your thoughts and feelings about how you are progressing. This is as important as the diet and nutrition logs.

Meal 1
6 egg whites, 1 yolk
1 slice low fat cheese
2oz Quaker oatmeal
1 banana
1 cup of low fat milk
1 scoop whey protein

Meal 2
5oz tuna in water
1 whole wheat bagel
1 tablespoon low fat mayo
Lettuce and tomato.

Meal 3
6oz grilled chicken breast
1 baked potato
2 cups salad
Olive oil dressing
1 orange

Meal 4
Sandwich with 4oz turkey breast
2 slices whole wheat toast
2 slices low fat cheese and tomato
1 cup of low fat milk or a high protein yogurt.

Meal 5
6oz grilled steak
1.5 cups brown rice (cooked weight)
2 cups salad or vegetables.

Meal 6
6oz cottage cheese
10 almonds
1 scoop whey protein


This nutrition plan does not include a post-workout shake. However, it is strongly recommended that you do have a liquid meal after you finish your workout.

A great bodybuilding post workout meal is 1 scoop of whey protein blended with one banana with water and ice. If you do not want to use supplements, you can eat some fast digesting protein & carbohydrates, like for example egg whites and a baked potato.

Later on as you start to feel hungry again you can continue on to your dinner which is also very important for replenishing your body's stores after a hard training session.

Follow the above bodybuilding diet plan and remember, as you grow bigger, make sure you eat more calories to support your newly build muscle. A systematic approach to adding muscle slowly and over longer periods of time will ensure that you gain mostly lean muscle tissue instead of muscle along with bulky body fat.

Most importantly, always consult with your doctor before starting any new nutrition or workout program!


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